New Energy Resources website

The Wyoming State Geological Survey has improved its online presence with a new website dedicated to providing information to the public on the state’s energy resources. A click of a mouse takes users to informational pages on Wyoming coal, oil and natural gas, and uranium, with each energy sector featuring web content (including free downloads) ranging from nontechnical to scientific.

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Visit the new Geologic Hazards website.

Snake/Salt River Basin Plan

Geologists with the Wyoming State Geological Survey (WSGS) have determined there are sufficient quantities of good quality groundwater in the Snake and Salt River basins to provide for future anticipated development. The WSGS completed its latest groundwater study on the Snake and Salt River basins in northwest Wyoming for the Wyoming Water Development Commission (WWDC).

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Download WSGS Summary Report Series

WSGS Summary Report Series

The WSGS released its annual Summary Report series – coal, oil and natural gas, and uranium – which cover a range of topics on Wyoming’s energy resources, from the geologic formations where the fossil fuels were originally discovered, to technological advances in drilling and mining operations. Copies are available in downloadable pdfs on the agency’s website.

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