Visit the new Geologic Hazards website.

New Geologic Hazards website

The Wyoming State Geological Survey (WSGS) has created a new Geologic Hazards website, a clearinghouse of information on Wyoming’s geologic hazards and historical events. From earthquakes to landslides, expansive soils to the active Yellowstone environment, this new site includes a variety of information, including maps and photographs on Wyoming’s geologic hazards.

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Download WSGS Summary Report Series

WSGS Summary Report Series

The WSGS released its annual Summary Report series – coal, oil and natural gas, and uranium – which cover a range of topics on Wyoming’s energy resources, from the geologic formations where the fossil fuels were originally discovered, to technological advances in drilling and mining operations. Copies are available in downloadable pdfs on the agency’s website.

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New Geothermal Resources website

The WSGS has posted new Web pages on Wyoming’s geothermal resources. These natural heated fluids found beneath the Earth’s surface can be used as a vital renewable energy resource for heating homes and providing electricity. The new Web pages include digital reports, maps, as well as geothermal uses and development potential in Wyoming.

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